Project name:

SharifCup Competitions – Computer Vision

Project description:

I developed a program for detecting geometrical shape detection with openCV and C++ in Ubuntu environment. We participated in SharifCup Computer Vision Competitions in 2014 and 2015. In 2014 we won the second place. I solved bugs and optimized some parts so We won the first place in 2015.

This project has two versions. The first version uses RGB color-space. Actually we did not get satisfactory result from this project. Here you can find this project. In the second version, we used HSV color-space which gave us amazing results. Also we used multi-threading techniques to improve the run-time performance. You can fin this version here.

Here is a video of our performance in SharifCup 2014:

This is the video of second mission in SharifCup 2015:

And finally here is the video of third mission in SharifCup 2015: