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Project description:

I was one the members of KN2C SSL team for more than two years. I worked as the software project manager in this team. In this project, we developed appropriate algorithms for a soccer match. I think this project is the greatest scientific achievement of my entire life. I learn how to develop an algorithm to be suitable for a real-world problem. Also I got some experience in managing other people and teamwork consideration.

We used this project in two IranOpen SSL competitions and some minor competitions, like SharifCup. Although we never win an SSL competitions, Many of SSL community are impressed by our show. Our progress over these years always is appreciated by some of the SSL professionals.

Here is the output of Voronoi algorithm that I developed for offensive positioning:


I want to mention this project is published with an open-source license on Github. So you can find it here. Also every year we publish a technical paper about our works. The papers for 2015 and 2016, which I was the lead writer, can be found here.

Here is our qualification video for RoboCup 2016: