Master Thesis Defense

I did my master thesis defense on June 3rd, 2019 (I know it was almost six months ago!). The title of my defense was: “Cinemagraph Generation from a static image with Generative Adversarial Networks”. I started this project on summer of 2018 and after one year, I submitted the output as my master thesis. This project had many challenges like data gathering, data augmentation, dealing with unsuitability of GAN training, etc. I am really glad that I finished it successfully! In addition, it was also thrilling to see my referees (Prof. Jean-Charles Bazin and Prof. Sung-Hee Lee) were also happy with my thesis 🙂

So my life in VML, KAIST, and lovely Korea is done. It was two of the most exciting years of my life. I won’t forget all of the cool opportunities and great memories. I am really grateful to Prof. Noh, his cool lab, and Korea for this experience.

BTW, I am part of the VML alumni now! Isn’t this crazy?!