Physically based rendering

This summer semester, I have the last course of my PhD program, which is directed reading. In this course, I will read about some topics to gain a deeper knowledge about my PhD thesis. The topics that will be covered are:
1. Physically based rendering
2. High dynamic range imaging
3. Generative adversarial networks
4. Neural rendering

For evaluation, I will do a presentation for each topic for my lab mates. This Monday, I did the first presentation, which was about physically based rendering. I used the book physically based rendering: From theory to implementation by Matt Pharr, Wenzel Jakob, and Greg Humphreys. It is such a great book. It covers both theoretical and practical aspects of ray tracing. I have a fun time reading the book and working with their physically based renderer.
It was my first presentation since the pandemic started and I have to say it is quite hard to give these types of talks online since the real-time feedback from the audience is missing. Hope the situation gets better soon!
By the way, you can find my slides here. Looking forward to see your feedback! 😊