Presentation Day!

This Tuesday I had two totally different presentations. One of them was a persuasive presentation as a homework in “Graduate English Presentation” class. The title of this presentation was “Gender: Let’s talk about him”. It was a four-minute presentation which I talked about the fact that for having a more equal and peaceful society, we should rise our sons better. Respectful to the other gender with emotions and feelings.
Here you can find my presentation file and also the video of my talk.

The other presentation, I talked about the recent paper published by Google Brain called “Towards Accurate Generative Models of Video: A New Metric & Challenges” by Thomas Unterthiner, Sjoerd van Steenkiste, Karol Kurach, Raphael Marinier, Marcin Michalski, and Sylvain Gelly. In this paper, they introduced a new metric and a new dataset for video generation. I quite like this paper. They do a lot of comparisons and experiments. Probably I will use their metric in my own master thesis!  Here you can find my presentation!

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