• Implementation of Multi-model Approach for Estimation of Distribution Algorithms (EDA)to Solve Multi-Structural Problems [September 2016]

This is the presentation that I made for my bachelor defense session. [pdf]

  • An Introduction to Small-size Soccer League - Artificial Intelligence [February 2016]

In this lecture, I talked about the potential research field in SSL [pdf]

  • An introduction to Hadoop [July 2015]

I presented Hadoop framework for Internet engineering course.[pdf]

  • iDiag ,An Expert System for detecting eye problems [May 2015]

We wrote a project with Prolog for detecting eye problems. That project was a part of our expert systems course. In this presentation, we introduced our software in classroom.[pdf]

  • MicroMouse Workshop [May 2015]

This was an one-day workshop for Afghan students, who study in Iran. In this workshop, I presented them different algorithms for solving a maze.

  • An introduction to Git [November 2014]

I made this presentation to introduce Git for KN2C robotic team's members.[pdf]

  • KN2C Robotic Team workshop – Software [September 2014]

I had a presentation to introduce KN2C robotic teams to our university freshmen.[pdf]

  • ROS : Robotic Operating System [May 2014]

I presented Robotic Operating System to my classmates.[pdf]

  • Agile [April 2014]

We made this presentation for software engineering 1 course.[pdf]