Project ANGeLS

ANGeLS stands for “A Network for Generating Looping Scene”. In this project, we design a deep neural network and train it in a way that can generate a sequence of […]

Facebook Surround360

This is an ongoing project in our team. I have two responsibilities in this project. The first one is the calibration of Facebook Surround 360 camera. The other responsibility is […]

Motion Blending

This project was the final project of my “Computer Graphics: Theories and Applications” course. In this project, we develop a Maya plugin that gets two motion capture files and blend […]

Raiwan App

I joined Raiwan company recently. This company works in IoT industry. I am developing an android Application for them in React-native environment. Actually, I am not permitted to tell more […]

Multi-Models BOA

This one was my final bachelor project. We developed a multi-models approach for Bayesian Optimization Algorithm. This project is very different from other projects that I have done. I learned […]


I was one the members of KN2C SSL team for more than two years. I worked as the software project manager in this team. In this project, we developed appropriate […]

SharifCup Competitions – Computer Vision

I developed a program for detecting geometrical shape detection with openCV and C++ in Ubuntu environment. We participated in SharifCup Computer Vision Competitions in 2014 and 2015. In 2014 we […]

KN2C Autonomous Rescue Robot

I was a member of KN2C rescue robot for near a year. My duties included software integrity, handling the communication between different nodes and developing nodes for detecting victims and […]

KN2C Micro-mouse Robot

This project is the first big project that I’ve had. I developed a program for solving a maze. Also I designed a simulation environment for testing my program. After that […]